Cardio Yoga Workshop

Join me for a unique and exciting cardio yoga workshop!

What is Cardio Yoga?

Cardio yoga is a wonderful combination of high-energy cardio exercises followed by a calming yoga session that focuses on stretching and deep breathing. It's the perfect blend of fitness and relaxation, offering a comprehensive workout that benefits both the body and mind.

Cardio yoga classes are founded upon four vital pillars: cardio, flexibility, strength, and balance. Each of these pillars plays a crucial role in maintaining our overall health and well-being. When combined, they form a comprehensive yoga and fitness class that is suitable for all levels of experience. By emphasizing these four pillars, cardio yoga can help you achieve a
well-rounded and effective workout that benefits both the body and mind.

Cardio yoga workshop
Neeva yoga workshop

About Neeva

Neeva Kedem is a wellness professional with expertise in yoga, fitness, and holistic nutrition. Her passion for helping others on their journey toward mental and physical wellness led her to this fulfilling career path.
In her yoga and fitness classes, Neeva focuses on four essential pillars: strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio. Her sessions offer a comprehensive exploration of each pillar to achieve an optimal workout. Neeva also prioritizes the connection between breath and movement to create emotional balance.
Neeva's clients come to her with a range of health concerns, such as weight loss, diabetes, and heart disease, seeking her expertise in improving their well-being. Additionally, healthy individuals seek her guidance to reduce their chances of developing future health issues and improve their overall quality of life. Often, those embarking on a healthy lifestyle lack the support they need to navigate the process successfully. Neeva provides a supportive environment and the necessary guidance to help them achieve their goals. By following Neeva's program, many of her clients have dramatically slowed down the aging process, look great, and feel so much better!

Neeva's Professional Education:

  • 2021 - 2023:
    Harvard Medical School
    * Fundamentals of Neuroscience 
    * Culinary Health Education
    * Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes 
    * Treating Cardiometabolic Disease  
  • 2020:
    Mental Health Healing - Elima college of alternative medicine
  • 2015:
    Certified Holistic Nutritionist - Matthew Kenny Institute, LA 
  • 2014:
    The Yoga of Awakening - Seane Corn
  • 2013:
    Core Strength - Sadie Nardini
  • 2012:
    Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Alliance Certified teacher RYT (250 HR)
  • 1998:
    Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Business - John Bryce College

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop is done in-person. 

4 hours in total (with a break). 

The program is for everyone who is over 18 years old (If you have any health issues or injuries, it is recommended to consult with your physician before participating in any yoga or fitness classes). 

The workshop includes:

* Full Cardio-yoga session (90 minutes)
* Detox seminar
* Breathing meditation 

The workshop is suitable for all levels of experience, as modifications of the poses are included.

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