Corporate Health Programs
by Neeva

Join my corporate programs, where you will learn how to naturally heal from different diseases, prevent future diseases, slow down the aging process naturally, lose weight, look at your best and feel better than ever!

Corporate Health Programs by Neeva

Lunch and learn healthy food
Lunch & Learn
Why do some people lead a healthy and happy life until they reach the age of 100 (and beyond), while others struggle with pills and surgeries until they die at a fairly young age? Is it all genetic? How can we increase our chances to be healthy? 

This is a great opportunity to learn about a healthy lifestyle while exploring fascinating studies from around the world that can answer some interesting questions and help us improve our health. The lecture will be followed by a plant-based delicious meal. 

Healthy eating lecture
Healthy Life - The Lecture
A great opportunity to deepen our knowledge about healthy food options. We will learn some facts: what’s true and what’s an old myth?

While exploring fascinating studies from around the world, we will learn how to increase our levels of energy and enjoy more years of youthful look and good feeling. We can’t stop the aging process but we can definitely slow it down! This mind-blowing lecture can change your life for the good. 
Healthy cooking workshop
Healthy Cooking Online Workshop
Join me for a delicious online experience! 
You can choose between cooking with me or just sitting and watching me cooking, sharing great recipes and creating super healthy and tasty food. I will create 3 different dishes that are all plant based and simple to make. I will also share some tips and tricks that will help you enhance your cooking skills and get some compliments! 
This is mostly an online event with participants from all over the world. However, I do offer in-person cooking workshops at times; sign up for my newsletter to stay tuned! 
Healthy life program
Individual Healthy Diet Program
Some of us are having hard time getting on track and start living a healthy lifestyle.

We need someone to support us, be there for us when we need it. Changing the way we live is never easy and may be very challenging at times. These challenges may be too difficult to handle alone! Also, a healthy lifestyle program is not one size fits all; a personalized program will increase your chances to succeed. I create Individual plans that are tailored to my client’s specific needs. 





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