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Veganism is BOOMING and spreading like wildfire all over the world. With huge leaps forward in the last five years in particular, the American vegan population is thriving and growing exponentially! Studies show a 700% increase in the last 3 years alone.
I am offering a professional consultation to Lodges, Hotels and Restaurants.


The vegan cuisine is not a trend anymore. It is a consolidate reality. 

Many of your guests/customers will be vegan and I’m sure as a Hospitality business owner or manager, this is a request that is becoming more common and if it's not, then it may be due to what you are currently offering (or not offering!).

It's so important to move with the times and give your guests/customers what they want.
Word of mouth among the community is very important so if a vegan guest is blown away, then they will tell EVERYONE!

To give you a few statistics:
- According to Plant Protein’s sources, 6% of US consumers are vegan.
According to Global Market Research Company, Ipsos, there are currently over 9.7 million American vegans.
11 000 people 17-years old and older were surveyed recently, and the results revealed that 2% of Americans are vegetarian. Of these, one-in-four are vegan, making for 0.5% of the total population.
- In 2021, plant-based food sales skyrocketed 2.5X faster than in 2018-2020
“Plant-Based” was listed as category of the year, displaying 199% YOY (Year Over Year) growth in online retail
– Vegans in the UK quadrupled between 2014-2019 & 224 million people were reached through veganuary’s social media in 2020, the Uk is the fastest growing vegan population, with Australia the 2nd.
– In Europe, we saw an increase of 93% for vegan food/drink businesses opening in 2019
– Experts are predicting that by 2040 only 40% of the global population will be consuming meat as we know it today
– In Germany one in 5 or one in 10 people (depending on their age) purchase meat alternatives
- A report by market research firm, Nielsen, shows that a whopping 39% of Americans claim that while their diets are not fully plant-based, they eliminate as many animal-related food products as possible and strive to one day be completely vegan.



About Neeva

I’m Neeva Kedem, a vegan holistic nutritionist and a yoga teacher in my 50's. I'm an Industry leader with over 20 years of experience in marketing and hospitality. I've been vegan since 2012, with emphasize on healthy eating. 
My company,, located in Toronto, Canada, serves clients all over the world. Among my commercial clients you can find hotels, restaurants, bars and lodges. My services are being offered as a fully remote package or as an in-person program. I'm also providing personal consultation to people who are looking to become vegan, to heal from different diseases or to decrease their chances to get sick. 

You are welcome to click here and read my personal story.

Neeva's Professional Education:

  • 2021 - 2023, Harvard Medical School:
    * Fundamentals of Neuroscience
    * Culinary Health Education
    * Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes
    * Treating Cardiometabolic Disease 
  • 2020:
    Mental Health Healing - Elima college of alternative medicine
  • 2016:
    Kabbalah Yoga - Audi Gozlan
  • 2015:
    Certified Holistic Nutritionist - Matthew Kenny Institute, LA 
  • 2014:
    The Yoga of Awakening - Seane Corn
  • 2013:
    Core Strength - Sadie Nardini
  • 2012:
    Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Alliance Certified RYT (250 HR)
  • 1998:
    Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Business - John Bryce College





138 West 25th Street
New York, N.Y. 10001

592 Sheppard Ave. West
Toronto, M3H 6A7

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