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NEEVA studio's team will help you to plan, direct and create a complete photography solution. We provide concept development, art direction, styling & props, set design, location scouting (obtain any necessary permits), locate crew (models or cast), photography and full retouch services. Clients can select any or all of these steps needed to produce effective, beautiful and creative images.


Photographer Neeva Kedem during a photo shoot at Louis Vuitton
We offer an Art Direction service, where we help customers think ahead about target market, branding and Imaging of their products or services. Our team is creative, enthusiastic, professional and great to work with, as well as always producing high quality work!

We create the right styling for our customer's products in order to convey the message throughout the photos; using the best props, backgrounds, locations, models and anything needed for the perfect look!

We use top-of-the-line photography equipment such as Hasselblad and Canon Digital cameras in order to create an unforgettable Images for our customers. Also, we use a variety of the best lenses and studio lighting equipment.
Neeva's photography career started back in 1991 in New York City, and her expertise is commercial photography, editorial, art and anything creative.

Our professional retouch team will take your Imagery to the next level. It will enhance any photo, bring together different Images to create an Idea or to convey your message. We can save you time and money!

Photography productions portfolio:

Tiffany's Jewelry Photography

Tiffany's jewelry offer a timeless beauty which we adore, and so are Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Rolex and many more.
Take a look at some of the most prestigious jewelry company productions we did.

Click here to view a selected Images from the projects

Tiffany's Jewelry Photography

Celebrity Chef David Rocco: an editorial photo shoot

An example for an editorial photo shoot. We take care of the location (studio, specific venue or simply the outdoors), the stylist, make up and hair artist. Anything and everything!
This example shows Celebrity Chef David Rocco for "City Life" magazine.

Click here to take a closer look.

David Rocco Photography

Jewelry Photography - A persona charm

One of our favorite jewelry photography projects. The customers asked specifically for split focus, where only the front of the jewelry piece is in focus and the rest just blurrs at the background. We added colors and backgrounds for the beautiful, artistic look we achieved.

Click here to view samples from the Persona Jewelry line


jewelry photography

Cosmetics Photography

When shooting cosmetics we try to convey the message of clean, clear and quality. The combination of styling, water and a well done retouch gave a fantastic results!

Click here to view samples of the cosmetic photography projects

Just Jewelry Photography

Clean, Stylish, Classic - you name it. We created a pure white background set for a unique jewelry line and a book.

Click here to view samples of the photos

jewelry photography

Event company Catalog Production

When an events company is looking to create a high class catalog, we should capture all the little-but-important details. The decor, flowers, cake; both well captured and well combined in term of colors and shapes. The Images should 'speak' to each other (kind of!) and blend together in perfect harmony.

Click here to view a sample photos

event photography

Fashion Photography for advertising

The Idea was to show a sexy lady drinking her martini on the bar in order to promote a furniture design company.

Click here to view some sample pictures plus the final result and a cute behind the scenes photo


Food Photography Project

Healthy food is a big part of our agenda. This is why we were very happy to produce this healthy lifestyle project, which included some amazing salad shots.

Click here to enjoy the photos!

food photography

Juice and Smoothies Photography

Juices and smoothies are favourites here, so no wonder we had a great time styling, making and photographing these wonderful smoothies in the studio. One of the benefits was, of course, to taste them! Awesome and healthy!

Each smoothie or juice got a totally different look according to its flavor and season. The photos came out with real colors; looks almost as delicious as the smoothies themselves!

Click here to view some sample photos

food photography

Jewelry Photography with fruits

The customer's Idea was to have some of his jewelry pieces inside a tropical fruits. We loved the challenge!

You may click here to see some results

jewelry photography

Hot Lips with Cold Jewelry... and other artistic jewelry photography

Some of the jewelry photography are either sexy or so artistic that you can just look at the pictures and adore them. In this page you will only see some of our big time favourites!

Click here to view

jewelry photography

Artistic Jewelry Photography - a trip to Provence

This photo shoot was a combination of lots of styling and props with the uniqueness of the jewelry. Every piece got its own look and style; the inspiration was totally Provence (and Coco Chanel!).

Click here to see some sample photos

jewelry photography

Product Photography

Products tend to be boring sometimes, especially wax candles. You must have the proper decoration and style in order to add an attractive look to the candles, so they will convey a message of a real home. We had a different style to each set of candles, so we were responsible for all aspects of the project: from buying the props, trough the styling to the photo retouch process - we did it all with a great success!

Click here to view some sample photos

Fashion Accessories Project

There are so many shoes and fashion accessories out there; the customer wanted us to create something to put her line above the crowed. And so we did!

Click here to see some sample work

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