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In my blog I try to mix both professional and personal experiences. As most of you know, I carry the camera almost everywhere, so my job is also my hobby.
One of my goals is to share my work as much as possible; I can see the most beautiful view in the world, but if I don't capture it with my camera and publish it,
it's like I didn't see it at all...

I hope you will enjoy the pictures!

Fall Photography - Nature at its best!

I love to take photos of nature - It's one of my favorite subjects. For many years I captutre the beauty of the fall season in many countries.

Click here to watch last year's fall photo gallery

nature photography

How to Photograph Jewelry

"How to Photograph Jewelry" is my new book about jewelry photography. I share here all my tips and tricks after many years of experience with all kinds of jewelry and customers. If you are photographers, jewelry designers or jewelry importers - this book is for you!

"How to Photograph Jewelry" will show you how to deal with reflections, shadows, very tiny pieces such as diamonds and more. It has all the information about how to plan a photo shoot, use different files, make the best out of your lighting. It gives lots of design Ideas about styling, backgrounds and more.

"How to Photograph Jewelry" book is available online. Click here to read more and view sample pages

How to Photograph Jewelry

Fashion Photography at Fairmont Royal York hotel's luxury suit!

I can't tell whose pictures we took in this beautiful Holiday decorated Fairmont Royal York hotel's luxury suit (It’s still a secret!). What I can tell is that it was a beautiful couple and that the pictures came out simply gorgeous! You are welcome to at least enjoy the beautiful hotel's suit and lobby photos. I can also tell that the royal suit has two separate bedrooms, so we didn’t know for sure in which one Angelina July and Brad Pitt were sleeping while they were staying at the hotel. And not only Brangelina but many other stars, celebs and royal people were honored guests in the past. The suit is a real luxury pearl in Toronto's busy downtown. As per photography, it was very attractive and fun to work in: every corner of each room in the suit is very photogenic, and it was easy to set our lighting so it will be very flattering to everyone.

If you like to visit the Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto and enjoy it's luxury, you are welcome to start here:

Fashion Photography Fashion Photography Fashion Photography

Jewelry Photography in style - June 2011

The styling of this photo shoot of beautiful Jewelry was inspired by France and Provence magical views.
Coco Chanel represent the Parisian chic, and the lace takes us to small romantic villages. Romance is the name of the game here :-)

You are welcome to view 26 Images of the jewelry collection. Click here!

Jewelry photography

  Jewelry photography



Check out our new photography project on Imagine Letters!

The first photo of letter in the "Imagine Letters" collection was created in the early '90 by professional photographer Neeva Kedem, during one of her photo tours. She loved to take pictures of buildings and architecture, where most of the letters were hidden, waiting to be discovered. The letters simply popped up from the buildings, designs, streets, trees; anywhere she looked, she could see letter's shapes. During the next 20 years Neeva had photograph more and more photos of letters; some in her home country Canada and some in other countries. It was obvious that one day she will use these photos of letters to create inspiring business. It was only a question of time.

alphabet photography

Photography at Louis Vuitton flag store

This is a picture of myself at the Louis Vuitton flag store in Toronto! I came to shoot the portaite of the branch's manager.

While preparing for the photo shoot, I took the time to adore the amazing Louis Vuitton collection of bags, clothing and other fashion accessories which I love. The trunk I'm leaning on is actually one of my favorites. It's an antique beautiful trunk, crafted from the purest tradition of travel.

This big Louis Vuitton trunk was designed with the intention of being able to travel anywhere in the world, without having to cut back on the client's favorite amenities.  With the large bin in tow, the traveler can bring a good amount of supplies, all while watching movies and enjoying fresh-brewed coffee even in the most remote desert.

The pictures I took came out beautiful. I can't publish it since it's my customer's confidentiality. If you feel the urgent need to see more of the Louis Vuitton fashion collection, visit the official website in this link.

Louis Vuitton fashion photographyPhoto by Ron Kedem

Jewelry Photography with Style

This styling Idea was created for The Bay window poster. Adding the fruit to the scene was meant to give a feeling of summer, sweet and colors.
In the left photo you can see the stylist hands as he sets the scene nicely.

Expect to see these Jewelry stylish photos at The Bay's exterior windows very soon!! (Toronto branch, Queen st.)

jewelry Photography jewelry Photography jewelry Photography




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